Record Retrieval

Accurate and Precise Chronological Arrangement

Team Legal’s premiere Record Retrieval Division is the foundation on which the company was built and continues to set the bar for quality, affordable record retrieval including medical record retrieval.

Second to none, you’ll find our knowledgeable staff eager to assist with your most challenging orders.

Whether you request records by subpoena or authorization, you’ll come to rely on our attention to detail and unbeatable quality control.

All records are reviewed for accuracy and precise chronological arrangement by Team Legal departmental managers.

Checkpoints include evaluation of copy quality, review of the written deposition/affidavit completed by the record custodians and thorough inspection of the records for relevancy.

Easy On-line monitoring

Your firm will benefit from Team Legal’s on-line case status reports, case billing history and record archive. Monitor our progress by easily viewing the status of your record requests on-line and through comprehensive written case status reports prepared by experienced Team Legal case coordinators.

Need additional copies of the records for your staff or expert witness review? Simply print as many copies as you wish from Team Legal’s secure on-line record archive.

Your record orders can conveniently be placed on-line or through Team Legal’s service-oriented staff.

Join our following of loyal customers for timely, hassle-free record retrieval and efficient electronic document storage.

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